Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can you believe it's March already?

Is it just me or is this year flying by? What happened to January and February? March came to Kentucky here today bringing a little ice and snow. I am so ready for spring and it seems this winter has been the longest ever. I guess because I am so excited about getting the electric on at the house and finishing the inside. I have purchased several lights for the inside and I am so ready to start decorating. What a blessing it would be to be able to move in this summer and spend the winter in my cozy little home on the hill. Lol, a girl can dream right?
Curves went great last week. I am slightly sore because I was in a hurry Friday and didn't stretch afterwards. I am feeling it now. So far I really like it. Hope you all had a wonderful week!


Karen said...

Hi Jill, oh how I want to see your house??? Is the picture in your header part of your house? Even if it isn't it looks like it is a cozy place.
Glad you are continuing with Curves!
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Hugs, Karen

Busym1 said...

I would also love to see your house, sounds so wonderful! Good luck with the Curves, I may start soon too! It has been quite a long winter, and those little chicks are a welcome site instead of snow!!!! Have a great day! Love your blog!

Terry said...

It has been a long winter. We're suppose to warm up the rest of this week, and next, so I'm ready to head out to the garden to do some clean up.
Glad Curves is working for ya!
I just know your house will be finished this summer. Can't wait to see it all decorated.