Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update on Pattern Mess

Many of you suggested that I contact Netty herself, I hadn't gotten around to it but she emailed me today. Below is a copy of the email I received from her today and my reply to it. She felt I did not tell the whole truth in the matter. I disagree. She says as many items can be made as you'd like from her patterns, however that is not what the gentleman stated that contacted me. As for the santa pattern she is referring to, a couple santa face images are included. How could one make mutiple santas with only a couple faces? At any rate this is not a matter of whom is right and whom is wrong. Like I said before it would have been a common courtesy from artist to artist if she'd simply spoken to me on this matter. Here are the emails and you may decide for yourselves.

jill, for a girl of faith, one of Gods commandments is that one should not take thy neighbors goods. I never said that all anyone can make is one doll, thousands of them have been made and sold, all i ever said is that people do not sell my patterns on ebay and do not copy the photos of the paper faces from the kits and resell them. you forgot to mention that you were making the santa faces from the originals,if i had emailed everybody and aked them if they were doing this , do you think that they would tell me? look at google and you will see how many people use my name, and i don't get paid for it,regards netty

I certainly understand NOW that the Santa faces were not to be copied........even though I mentioned your name when I copied them. I know for a fact several of my customers ordered your Santa pattern after seeing how I made them into ornaments. Nevertheless I would have certainly appreciated to have received an email from you personally asking me to remove the infringing items. Like I said I had no idea this was not allowed. I did not appreciate being "tricked". A simple please remove the infringing items would have done the trick. I do consider myself "a person of the faith" and would never knowingly take someone's goods. But the bible also says if you have alt against your brother to talk it over with them first. In conclusion, I sincerely do apologize if I violated your copyright, you will be happy to know I will no longer be making or buying your patterns. And the man whom emailed did state the patterns were sold with the intention that one was only going to be made. In the future you may want to consider speaking with folks in person rather than going through another party. Here is his exact quote from the email "Her patterns are designed for use by a doll maker. One time. "

Thank you for your time and I will be posting a copy of your email on my blog for my readers to decide for themselves.


Busym1 said...

It is a mess, and I dont' think she handled it very well, using someone else to "trick" someone. If she had a problem, she should have tactfully contacted you herself, and dealt with this. Sorry you had to go thru this, it's sad because I always considered crafters and artists to be friendly and helpful to one another, at least I am....hugs...

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Wow, what a mess! I would have been very offended at how she started her email to you; that seemed unnecessary and self-righteous in my opinion.

Legally, I'm not sure how she could defend her intellectual property as my understanding of this is that she sells the patterns without any indication of any limitations on their use. It seems petty and unfair to go back AFTER THE FACT and claim that people are stealing her images if she didn't set clear limits on their use at the time they were sold.

But that's just my opinion...I'm not an artist or a crafter. What do I know about these things? LOL