Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Bee's Life

Here are some updated pics of the Bees and the work they have done!
Filling up their feeder with syrup
Preparing the smoker

I was the smoker/ photographer

The bees already have comb on 4 frames!

These guys are hard workers!

In the right hand corner you can see some honey they have capped!

Well folks, it's been another busy hectic work week. I am putting the finishing touches on a large wholesale order and hope to begin making some new creations. As for this weekend their is lots to do......I plan on doing some major cleaning and packing up some stuff not used very often in plastic totes. Wow I never realized how many kitchen gadgets and appliances I have! For those of you whom asked about the walls in my new house this is what we did. We used pine 3/4" thick sheeting boards. We nailed them up and stained it Early American. We did the same thing on the ceiling. This wood is very inexpensive and you don't even have to sand it. The best thing of all is we have the cistern complete and we got lots of rain yesterday from a storm. So we now have running water in the house!
Hope you all enjoyed the pics of the bees and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Long Over Due House Update

Well folks it's sure been awhile since my last update. Life has been so hectic between work and the house. I took several pics of the progress we have made..........hope you enjoy them. Blessings to all & a Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's. We are celebrating for our daddy by getting his fav.......KFC.
The beginnings of the cistern, when complete it will hold approx. 2,000 gallons of water!

The bedroom


Bedroom ceiling

Pedestal Sink (a giveaway from a cousin)


Bathroom window and tub


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Is it just me or is this year flying by? I have had so much going on this week I haven't had time to sit down. I miss checking up on all your alls wonderful blogs. It felt so good to be out in the workshop today with the sun shining in and working away on orders. Especially after being in a office all week. Working an office job has really made me miss being at home and creating and working on my terms and my time. But with today's economy lots of folks are working two jobs to make ends meet.
The house is coming along wonderfully, we are currently still working on the cistern. I am hoping for a August or September move. Keep your fingers crossed for me :) I hope you all have a wonderful's back to sewing for me!