Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Yesterday my mom celebrated her 59th birthday. We had lovely warm weather and LOTS of food. With a coconut birthday cake. Mom is the glue that holds our family together; she is the sensible one and the one who also brings everyone back to reality. Unlike my dad who is a dreamer! I take after him. I hope to be like my mother when I am 59. Full of compassion and strong. She has weathered many hard times but has always been the one to stay strong for her family. Always with good food on the table and a open ear. Happy Birthday Mommie :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friend or Foe?

I was doing some chores outside and ran across this creepy little guy sitting on my Tansy. No doubt having some lunch. He has little red beady eyes and resembles a weird grasshopper. Mom and Dad thinks it is a locust. Thank goodness these creepy little bugs only come around once every so many years. They remind me of the passages from Exodus about the locust swarms. Hope you all have a safe Memorial weekend.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

May Showers and May Flowers

Here in Kentucky we have had three or four days of rain. It seems all the flowers have sprung up in one mind and one accord. The rain has also brought forth a multitude of pest. Working their hardest to destroy my lovely flowers. I have been terribly busy sewing and preparing for the show so I am afraid I have neglected my blog. But I will have more tutorials and recipes to come very soon. I hope you guys enjoy these photos of my garden. The outhouse (potting shed) has leaned to one side after a recent rock slide behind it. Lol, but I have decided not to straighten it as I kinda like it tilted to one side. Tis' been a glorious day; hope you all had one as well!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Busy as a Bee

What glorious weather we had today! We took advantage of the weather and had a yard sale today. I have busied myself all week sewing to finish orders and work on new items. Lol, it looks like a little assembly line going. I made lots of extras of things I had orders for to take to the show I have coming up. Hope you all had a lovely Saturday as well; I am off to go through the left over yard sale items. Some to take to a local consignment shop and some for goodwill. Thought I would share this pic of these speckled turkey eggs!



Monday, May 5, 2008

Flour Canister

I am so happy to be offering these very primitive looking Flour canisters. I purchased these glass canisters and added stained labels to them. I just had to keep one for myself. Problem is I have so many different types of flours! I have self rising, all purpose, bread flour, whole wheat, and cake flour! I keep them all in the frig so I will only be leaving the self rising out because I use it almost every day. These canisters are great; unlike ones I have had in the past where the mouth wasn't large enough to dip down with your measure cup. These are plenty big for that plus they hold a entire 5 lb. bag. I will be listing on on Ebay tonight. Hope you all have had a productive day!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sewing and Baking

The weather has turned slightly cooler after a early morning rain yesterday. I have busied myself all week by sewing and baking. I have taken on baking cakes to make some extra money. It sure has kept me busy this week. I have baked several different types of cakes and packaged them up and sold them by the piece. I was surprised how quickly they sold at our grocery store. Today the smell of banana bread is wafted through the air. We had a lovely church service this morning followed by dinner. I hope you all had blessed days.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drawer Sachet Tutorial

What a beautiful warm spring day God has rewarded us with today! It was truly hard to stay indoors today. I wanted to share with you guys how to make drawer sachets. I make these every spring to tuck deep in the boughs of my drawers. They make your clothes and sheets smell so clean and fresh when you pull them out. And lavender has a added bonus for those of us whom have pets; Lavender is a natural flea deterrent. These are also easy to make to sell at shows.

Goodes Needed:

Dried Lavender

Twine or Ribbon

Linen, Osnaburg or Cheese Cloth

I begin by taking a 8 x 8 piece of material; I used a linen type material. But anything with a slightly open weave works fine. If using cheesecloth use a double layer. Fill the center up generously with lavender. Pull together all four corners and tie with your twine or ribbon. Stuff inside your your drawers for a lasting scent. Note: These last months and months. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.