Monday, February 23, 2009

New Sheep

We are back to chilly temps here in Kentucky! I have been busy filling a few orders. I made this sheep using a wonderful Kentucky Primitives pattern.
On another note I joined CURVES this past Friday. Boy was I shocked to see the weight I had put on. Lol, I had no idea I weighed that much. I never weigh myself and rarely ever look in the mirror unless its to put my makeup on. But at any rate I have really packed on the pounds. I am not going on a diet, I am hoping that the exercise three times a week and cutting back on mountain dew will help me to shed some pounds. Wish me luck............has anyone else ever done Curves?
Wishing everyone a blessed Monday,


UPON A HILL said...

He's very cool! Good luck at your Curves

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill!!~~~

I joined curves...not too much luck with it!! Went for the year. I just joined Carnial Fittness! No contract that is what I was looking for 19.95 a month! And then I can tan afterwards!!

good luck.....

Karen said...

Hi Jill - you will be so happy with curves - IT DOES WORK!
I was a member for over a year and felt sooooo good everytime I went which was 3 times a week. If I had a time I missed I really felt bad about it. It's like anything else you get a routine and really want to stick to it.
I finally had to quit with a dr.s excuse because my lower back and hips just couldn't take it anymore. I have 2 bulging discs (the last 2) and most of the machines really irritated it to the point I had to choose what ones I would work on and pass up the ones that hurt me. But eventually ended up getting the series of shots.
BUT...if I could I would again. It's a wonderful program.
Sorry I just wrote a book

Farm Field Primitives said...

Hi Jill. I love your sheep. So cute!! I am with you on the mountain dew. I just can't seem to give it up-even tried diet. I have cut back on other sweets so I can still drink it. Can't wait to see what all you add to your blog. ~~Melissa

Terry said...

I love your sheep!
Good luck on Curves. I have 10 more lbs. to go. I've been cutting back on coke, and drinking more water. I know it's all the sugar doing it to me.

lovetheprimlook said...

Hey Jill, love the sheep. I cant live without Mt. Dew LOL


Jennifer said...

I love the sheep! I just had a baby 4mo. ago and have been proud that i only gained 34 lbs. this pregnacy. I haven't lost the weight that i gained from my previous two though! One thing that helped me was that I switched from drinking full stregth DR. Pepper(or as I say mainlining it!:). well i started drinking the Diet and I really never noticed how many calories are in one soda. Nevermind the 6 i would sometimes go thru! LOL and now I am actually off of soda and the lbs have been coming off. I needed to get off of soda for health reasons, but it still can help other people too. I just thought I might share something that worked for me. I really have liked visiting your blog.

Karen said...

Your sheep turned out really cute!

Crystal said...

Love it!