Monday, February 23, 2009

New Sheep

We are back to chilly temps here in Kentucky! I have been busy filling a few orders. I made this sheep using a wonderful Kentucky Primitives pattern.
On another note I joined CURVES this past Friday. Boy was I shocked to see the weight I had put on. Lol, I had no idea I weighed that much. I never weigh myself and rarely ever look in the mirror unless its to put my makeup on. But at any rate I have really packed on the pounds. I am not going on a diet, I am hoping that the exercise three times a week and cutting back on mountain dew will help me to shed some pounds. Wish me luck............has anyone else ever done Curves?
Wishing everyone a blessed Monday,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Relaxing Sunday

Old Jar Full of Dried Beans
Old Tin Can with Label

Hand-Sewn Sock Doll
Today started out on a bum note, I overslept and missed church. As I am sure you all know that really puts a damper on a Sunday. However I have made the most of the day and tided up the house. Here are the new items I am offering on Simply Primitives, there are lots of wonderful artist on here. The sock doll was made when the lights were out, it had been a really long time since I had hand-sewn a doll's dress. Actually when I first started sewing dolls I did them all by hand. Lol, that is until I discovered my mom's sewing machine. Hope you all had a blessed Sunday.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Plenty to do and So Little Time

Boy oh boy, mother nature sure has hit Kentucky hard. Yesterday we got some 75 mile an hour winds and tornado warnings. Some local buildings had their roofs torn off and some structural damage. Their were no serious injuries however. I am sure this is a busy time of year for everyone with TAXES coming up. I am excited to begin working on my house again very soon. The driveway has been so muddy we were unable to get to the house! Hopefully I will have a new update soon. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day with your loved ones. The hubs and I are planning to go tonight to see Friday 13th at the movies. We both LOVE a good scary movie. Lol, neither of us are the romantic movie type!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Back

Ice on My Spring Wreath
My Corkscrew Willow Tree full of Ice

The Barn

I am sure everyone has heard about the massive storm that hit Kentucky, as well as other states. The ice started pour down on Monday night but I had no idea what would follow the next day. On Tuesday we lost power, I was prepared with lots of bottled water and canned foods. I stuck my head out the back door on Tuesday night, the sound of trees breaking and snapping was such an ominous sound. You could hear them from far distances as well as close by. The next morning almost no one had power and it looked literally like a tornado blew threw. Trees and lines and electric poles down everywhere. On day two with no electric my MIL was lucky enough to have her electric on. So I went to her house to get a hot shower. The worst part of this whole ordeal was having to heat with a kerosene heater. The fumes were almost unbearable, we had to open a window to let fresh air in, even though it was in the teens outside. On day three or so I was starting to run out things, I had fixed soup on top on my kerosene heater and most of the things had ruined in my fridge. So I had to eat out a few times at the few places that were serving food. They were packed with long lines. We were lucky with one thing and that was that we had county water, most people who had wells had no water with no electric. They had to get water from creeks and streams just to flush their toilets. The nights were the hardest because I am a night person, but with no electric their isn't much you can see to do. Not to mention I was home alone mostly the whole time. That made it even more boring! I tried to busy myself of the day with some hand sewing and so on. I actually made a little sock doll and some stitched pillows. By day four my mom and sister had electric, so I went for another hot shower and checked my email. FINALLY on day five our electric came back on, I jumped up with glee when it came back on! Geeeeez I guess I am a little addicted to it. I like making early primitives items but I don't think I am cut out to actually live in the time. There are still people as of today that do not have electric so we are the lucky ones. I have spent the whole week trying to restock the fridge and wash the huge mountain of laundry.
Hope you all have a blessed day.