Thursday, March 19, 2009


I debated about whether or not to post this but I decided everyone should know and I wanted to warn you guys before you purchase a N.LaCroix pattern. For starters I have purchased her patterns for years and I made the items and sold them on my website for profit. Did you know her patterns are supposedly copyrighted to only produce one item?? WHO BUYS A PATTERN TO ONLY MAKE ONE TIME?? Well, I didn't know that either and her patterns do not say so. I was under the impression as long as I gave her credit and didn't mass produce it was fine. Apparently I was wrong. Here is a copy of the email I received and a copy of my response. I will explain afterwards............
Hello,My name is David Cole and I manage an extensive inventory of Netty Lacroix products. I have recently found your website and decided to enquire regarding your production capabilities. I am particularly interested in the SANTA ORNIES and wanted to know if they are available in quantity.Thank you very much.

Hi, Thank you for your interest. I don't have any in stock at this time. However anything small such as ornaments I can produce rather quickly. Items such as my dolls with clothing take a little longer. I have attached a link to my wholesale site. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

As you can see I received an email which I thought was someone interested in purchasing my items wholesale. Boy was I wrong! Here is his response........

Hello,This is formal legal notice to cease using Netty Lacroix's name and/or any derivations of her name.I see that you have several products associated with her name. It is also apparent that you are infringing on her copyright by making multiple copies of her images. Cease copying, advertizing and selling the N.Lacroix santa images. Remove her name from the website until you can compensate her for the use. Her patterns are designed for use by a doll maker. One time. What is happening is they are being duplicated, electronically, so that others make an unintended profit. Thank you for your cooperation.David Cole

If I was violating any copyright I totally did not do it intentionally. Why not just email me and ASK me to remove the infringing merchandise?? Instead I was tricked into thinking this person was interested in ordering. At any rate I removed ALL merchandise from both of my websites that are in any ways associated with the N.LaCroix name. And any one interested in buying my patterns I would be happy to sell them, just leave me a comment if you are interested. In conclusion, I have had no contact with N.LaCroix herself this all happened through the person apparently working for her.


basketsnprims said...

Wow, what a surprise, especially if this is not written on her patterns or on her picturetrail/website. I don't think they can really do this without it being specifically in print, can they? Have you emailed her to see if this is on the up & up? Just curious. Anyway let me know what patterns you have for sale, please. Thanks, Jill.

Merrie. said...

Hi Jill; I too have always worried about this issue. I read the copyright info; because there are a few designers like Bunny Hill and Indygo Junction; whose patterns I love, but they have prohibited any use other than for yourself and for gifts to others only. So if I buy them I know I can't really use them for anything else. I understand the reasoning, but it is aggravating as many of these patterns are very pricey! I love your items and know you are an honest person!!!

simple~needs said...

that is totally crappy. i thought as long as you gave her credit??
i wouldnt buy any now .......

Char said...

Well...isn't that a stupid thing!...Who doesn't purchase patterns to make them and sell finished items?!...Dumb!...Oh well, sells might be down for her if you let everyone know this!...That is one of the stupidist copyrights I have heard!

lovetheprimlook said...

Hi Jill, Nettys phone number is on her patterns. Why not give her a call and see what she has to say. She is a very sweet person.
Sorry this happened to you :)


JeanM said...

I read the letters from Dave and with the misspellings I wonder if they are real. I also read the part that said "What is happening is they are being duplicated, electronically, so that others make an unintended profit" seems he is saying you can not copy the patterns but not saying you can't make multtiple copies of the items. I would call N. Lacroix have her show you where it says you can only make one item from her patterns.

Busym1 said...

I would follow up on this a little by speaking directly to her. I would wonder about this....At any rate, you did the right thing at this point, but I would check it out....(((hugs))) Michelle

schutt6 said...

WOW that is ridiculous!!!!
and I agree it STINKS!!! NO ONE I know would buy a pattern especially a higher priced pattern and only make one of them...most pattern designers KNOW that their work is going to be made and sold... I do think I'd contact her personally to see if this email is on the up and up and let us know if it's so...and if it is, HOPEFULLY she'll start stating it on her patterns so others will know before they make the purchase of a pattern....sorry this happened to ya!

Alison said...

To be perfectly honest I believe you are all talented enough that you are weighted down by her designs. Why not design some of your own?

Doreen Piechota said...

I just looked at one of her patterns It states Patterns cannot be old on eaby just FINISHED GOODS All Patterns are copyrighted please call for permission to copy them. Any pattern designer who creates a pattern and thinks only one item will be made from that pattern is very niave' There business will fail.

Cathy Vincevic said...

It isn't that you can't make multiple items, the request is not to resell the patterns.
Also, stating that the item made is a Netty LaCroix design is common courtesy.
Her patterns are available for download at Esty now.