Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

OK, so here's the deal. I'm sitting at home bored since the office was closed today. All my Christmas decorations are up, laundry's done so what's left to do? Well, I know everyone is probably so stinking sick of Christmas but this is the perfect time for this project. So when you are taking down your Christmas cards instead of trashing them reuse them. Odds are your coworkers, family & friends spent some good money on these why not recycle them so they can live again next year? For 2011 I am not going to bother making a resolution to lose I always fail. Instead I resolve to be more frugal and to try to recycle and re purpose as much as possible.
You will need for this project: A straight edge and mat, rotary cutter, scissors, glue, old Christmas cards or other cards, blank cards and colored paper, ribbon, decorative edge scissors and a hole punch

Another reason that this is the perfect time for this craft is that all the Christmas ribbons and decor is 50% off at most stores. I found this awesome ribbon at the dollar store for .50! You can't beat that. This is so super easy you can make cards or hang tags. For the hang tags I just cut out the image from the card I wanted and glued it onto some colored paper. Then I just hole punched it and added a ribbon. Easy!
The cards are equally simple, cards nowadays are outrageous. A nice one can run you three to five bucks easy. I don't remember where I got these blank cards but I am pretty sure Walmart carries them. They come with a brown paper envelope. Same goes for them, just cut the image you want and glue it on, you can even cut the inside message out and use it. I just had to share this idea with you guys, now maybe you will think twice about throwing those old cards away ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dog Dayz

I wanted to share so pics of my kids :) Hope you enjoy these......may God Bless,


Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Update

Greetings my blog friends, I hope this post finds you all well. Tucked in somewhere in your homes across the country nice and snug and warm. Time has yet again got away from me. I so miss the days when I could stay home and craft all day till my fingers bleed (lol and I mean this literally). But God had different plans for me and blessed me with a full time job to provide for myself. So alas this limits my time these days, what time I do have is spent working on orders and with the new special someone in my life ;)
For those of my dear customers wishing to place orders for the holidays please do so before December 15th so we can get everything there safely for Christmas. I have been receiving several calls about PET DOLLS, and YES I am still taking orders on them up until the 15th. The above doll I just completed for a customer was a Sphinx Kitty. I will also be updating the website this weekend............not much too do here in eastern Ky besides sew and eat as we are snowed in :) Which is a state of being which I LOVE to be in Lol, but at any rate please stay tuned to my blog this week for new offering and such. May God Bless and keep you All,