Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some Wonderful Gifts

Thanks to all of you for wishing me and hubby a Happy Birthday. I had a lovely birthday; I celebrated it with my family. We had pizza and chocolate cake. My sister made me this awesome primitive bee skep. It looks perfect beside my old bee smoker. Mom and dad got me a awesome red kitchen aid timer that matches my mixer. I also got cash from hubby, all my three sisters and my MIL. Hmmmmmm what I will buy?

Today we had a crazy day! We got a phone call late last night from my cousin saying he had two rows of corn ready to pick that he wanted to give away. So dad and I went this morning to pick the corn, we returned with a truck bed full! Needless to say we had corn coming out of our ears by the time we got it all cut off. We had already put corn in all our freezers from mom and dad's earlier harvest, so we had no room for this corn. We all went in together and purchased a upright deep freezer. Lol, we got it home and it didn't work! So we were sitting with about 40 quarts or more of corn and nowhere to put it! We finally made room for it between three freezers. We called Lowe's and they told us to leave it unplugged overnight and try it again tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will work.

After all the corn was taken care of we proceeded to make home made laundry soap. We made a huge batch and divided it up. This was the first time I had ever made it and I was VERY pleased with the smell and the results after using it. Seems to me things go so much faster if you help each other! Here is the link to the website I purchased the supplies for the laundry soap from. http://www.soapsgonebuy.com/

There are also recipes on here too. We made the powdered but you can also make the liquid. Blessings,



Gettysburg Homestead said...

Our corn is just now coming on. Our neighbor brought some for us to eat the last few nights. We tried last year to freeze the corn at my sisters and BIL house and ours was not done correctly and it was all bad so we had to throw it all away. We will be doing our own this year.

You are not the first person with appliance trouble from Lowes. My old neighbors fridge just stopped working and he lost everything. And my BILs brother frezzer stopped working and he lost a whole hog. Lucky you found it now.


simple~needs said...

jill, i made the powdered and loved it!! i love your bee skep! is your sister going to tell us how to make them?? hint hint
have a great day! :)


just love the bee skep...