Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Autum Hike

My sister Cyndi and I went on a hike this afternoon in the hills behind my new house. We spent the day looking for greens to decorate her shop with for open house. The weather was nice and chilly and the trees were magnificent. I can't remember the trees ever being prettier than they have been this year. Hope you guys enjoy these pics!

Carvings on an old oak tree done by my sisters and I over 20 years ago!

My sister's mule loaded down with pine boughs, wild holly and cedar
God Bless,


Char said...

How cool is that!...thanks for sharing!

basketsnprims said...

Those are such pretty pictures. Check out my blog, we have snow here in Michigan. I'm ready to get all my snowmen out.


Sandy said...

I love the carvings in the fun to see them.

I would love to see your sisters shop once all decorated. I bet it will look great.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

How neat is that carving on the tree?
What a great day to spend with your sister gathering holly and greens:)

Dawn said...

How neat to see your initials on the old tree. How cool! dawn

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

An autumn forest is almost magical, isn't it? I love the carvings. My husband has created a family symbol for our boys and they mark trees throughout the woods. I know one day they'll show their boys and recall their special days together.


Black Sheep Lisa said...

I love fresh greens for christmas!
sounds like a wonderful day spent with your sister. and the carvings, what a great memory!

Anonymous said...

Can I come the next time!! I have my own boots even!! Really!! LOL!!
I just love the woods! My Dad has about 5 acres out at his place and I just love to walk the path's! Isn;t that just awesome!!

Thanks for sharing your photos with us!!

Many Blessings.........
L :0)RI