Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sock Cat Tutorial

Hello everyone! I finally have a new tutorial for you. I really enjoyed making this guy; you can use the same technique to make a doll rather than a kitty. If you have trouble with any of my tutorial directions and have a question please feel free to email me and I will do my best to help. Email me at

Supplies Needed:

Black Sock or other black fabric (I used the sleeves from a old black tshirt)

rags for stuffing (I used scraps of homespun and other fabrics)


Button thread in tan and dark brown

2 old white buttons

Optional Supplies:

Stained Twine, rusty bell and scrap fabric for patch


1: Begin by laying your material right sides facing; using your chalk draw a primitive cat as shown in photo. It does not have to be perfect!

2. Sew right on the chalk line either by sewing machine or hand; leaving the bottom open for turning.

3. Turn right side out.

4. Using your fabric scraps stuff your kitty; the lumpier the better. Try to pack it in pretty tightly except for where you want the kitties neck to be.

5. Run a gathering stitch along the bottom of the kitty and pull tight and knot.

6. Using your brown button thread cinch around the kitty where you want the neck; pulling tight and knotting thread.

7. Using your tan button thread primitively stitch your cat's nose, mouth and whiskers.

8. Sew on his eyes.

9. To embellish hand sew on a old piece of fabric for a patch and tie a rusty bell around his neck with twine.


Please remember as with all my tutorials I ask that you do not sell these directions; freely give them to your friends as they were freely given to you.

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Gettysburg Homestead said...

You are so crafty. I look forward to all your awesome tutorials. I'll let you know on the dresses


Jenn said...

This is so funny...I was just looking up old sock cats on ebay from another computer and shutting this one down. Thought I would refresh first to see if you added anything and imagine my surprise ~ hee hee! I love and enjoy your blog, tutorials and recipes! Thanks!!! Warm blessings, Jenn

SweetAnnee said...

Thanks for Sharing!!!
I love the sweet kitty!!

Ann-Marie said...

I love your simple tutorials. I am get kind of crafter that prefers one day projects.

kmclaughlin said...

great tutorial!! keep them coming!!

Quirky said...

Thank you for a gr8 tute! I have a few socks tucked away which would be puuuuuurrrrfect for this!

Kimber said...

That is so cute! Thank you for sharing~

Kimber said...

That is so cute! Thank you for sharing~