Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A New Pumpkin & Herbs

Today has been very mild and pleasant outside. Temps are expected to reach the 90's again this week so I got outside today to cut my herbs. I just hate cutting my herbs when they are so pretty. But it must be done in order to dry them. I found these old green shutters on my travels years ago and I have used them ever since to hang my herbs on to dry.

I also finished up a new pumpkin and I love how three dimensional it looks. I added a real dried pumpkin stem. I have several little ones outside drying as well; I can't wait until Fall! Hope you all have had a productive day!

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Shelley said...

Hi Jill, my name is Shelley. I love the pumpkin you made,and your herbs look so pretty drying on the old country shutters. Thanks for sharing.......