Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kentucky Roots Run Deep

When I was a young'un I would get angry when I heard people refer to Kentuckians as "hillbillies". Now that I am older and have learned more of the Kentucky heritage it is no longer an insult to me to be referred to as a "hillbilly". However folks have the wrong idea about us. People generally think hill folk are uneducated and toothless. Granted they are some in that condition. But the hillbillies I know are people who were raised to work hard and fear God.

I have scarcely been out of Kentucky in my short life; and only to neighboring states. However when I look outside I wonder where on earth could be more lovely. This is home for me and always will be. Once a Kentuckian always a Kentuckian. I thank God to be able to live in a very small town where crime isn't a big issue. Where every one knows everyone and where we do love thy neighbor. When you are a guest in

a Kentucky home you better believe you will be treated like "kin"and no doubt fed some good "viddles". And if you stay overnight I guarantee you will be served some biscuits and gravy come the morning. In short, I am proud to be a porch sittin' God fearin' hillbilly!

Photos from the Kentucky Explorer


Raggedy Angel said...

Jill, I know what you mean...lots of people think we are all rednecks in NC and yes there are some, but when I started traveling I found there are small town people in every state, we just talk different! check out my blog!
Love your sock cat too!

Ann-Marie said...

You know, the lovelies people I ever met where from Kentucky. Really, I just loved them. They didn't like it in Florida, said we were rude. And moved back to Kentucky.