Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Redbud Winter

I have been absent from blog land for sometime now. I took advantage of the lovely weather and have been out gardening and weedin and weedin some more! And now today it is cold........brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The old folks around here call it "Red bud Winter". I guess it measns having winter like temps when the red buds are blooming. Seems May is a busy month for me; I have mother's day, mom's birthday, my sisters birthday and my nephew's graduation. A lot of events to plan for. I also have a show coming up the first of June and as of right now I have made one doll for it. Yes, I repeat ONE DOLL! Lord help me; surely I will find time to make new things. I will be posting a new tutorial tomorrow. Off to protect all my tender vegetation..........we are under a frost watch.

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Andi said...

Hi Jill...just checking in to see how you've been. What a pretty picture!!! But my favorite is the one in your post below of your sweet Odee!!!