Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Antique Auction

My MIL and myself decided to go to the local antique auction last night and boy are we ever glad we did! I walked into the auction house and the first thing I spotted were these two old hand quilted quilts. I was determined to get them. Myself and another lady had a bidding war for them but I won them both and was so HAPPPY. I put them on top of my shelf daddy made me. They also had lots of old crocks which I will be adding tops to and selling. I purchased some very old skeleton keys too. We had so much fun; If you've never been to a live auction you must go sometime because it's a blast. Lol, but I get carried away and don't realize how much I am bidding. Well guess I better get back to spring cleaning! Blessings,



Karen said...

I LOVE the colors, Jill! What a great find!! Drroooolll! ha! Have fun with that spring cleaning...I'm taking a break! ha!
Hugs, Karen

Anonymous said...

Hey Gurl!~~~
Just wanted to pop in and say HEY!!
Love your new update!! I scrolled down and saw your recipes...I'll have to try them, they sound YUMMY!! LOL!!!
Looking forward to hearing more, Keep in touch.........
Many Blessings To You.......
Lori Hull
The Olde Primitive House

Leslie said...

I have been checking out your blog for about a month now after someone told me I had to see it. I Like your tutorials and everything. LOVE the quilts you got. I just love old quilts and love red, white and blue :) Great finds!