Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drawer Sachet Tutorial

What a beautiful warm spring day God has rewarded us with today! It was truly hard to stay indoors today. I wanted to share with you guys how to make drawer sachets. I make these every spring to tuck deep in the boughs of my drawers. They make your clothes and sheets smell so clean and fresh when you pull them out. And lavender has a added bonus for those of us whom have pets; Lavender is a natural flea deterrent. These are also easy to make to sell at shows.

Goodes Needed:

Dried Lavender

Twine or Ribbon

Linen, Osnaburg or Cheese Cloth

I begin by taking a 8 x 8 piece of material; I used a linen type material. But anything with a slightly open weave works fine. If using cheesecloth use a double layer. Fill the center up generously with lavender. Pull together all four corners and tie with your twine or ribbon. Stuff inside your your drawers for a lasting scent. Note: These last months and months. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love these...where can I buy the dried lavender? Yesterday I bought a small bottle of lavender lotion, I love to put it on at night, love the smell of it. I'd love to make these.
Have a blessed Sunday!