Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sewing and Baking

The weather has turned slightly cooler after a early morning rain yesterday. I have busied myself all week by sewing and baking. I have taken on baking cakes to make some extra money. It sure has kept me busy this week. I have baked several different types of cakes and packaged them up and sold them by the piece. I was surprised how quickly they sold at our grocery store. Today the smell of banana bread is wafted through the air. We had a lovely church service this morning followed by dinner. I hope you all had blessed days.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jill.....I soooo enjoy your pictures and to see what you are up to next!! LOL!! Sounds like you are keeping VERY busy!!
The weather here sounds about like what you are having also! We had a cool down too, however today was PERFECT!! Thanks for sharing and hope that you are well!
Blessings and Prayers....
Lori Hull
The Olde Primitive House

Debra said...

Oh My the cakes look wonderful- and banana bread! Now I am hungry! LOL

Karen said...

I love your blog! It really is a homey, hospitable place to visit!