Sunday, March 16, 2008

Greetings Everyone! Thank you for joining me for this Sunday's tutorial. I will be sharing with you how to make a doily Easter basket. I have lots of chores to do today so I will be doing something quick and simple. I originally saw this on Martha Stewart and had to make one and prim it up. Hope you enjoy!
Fabric Stiffener
Rusty Wire
Stained Doily
Non Stick Spray
Spices (optional)
Tools Needed:
Wire Cutters
muffin tin or bowl for mold
Let's begin; For starters there are many ways you can shape these baskets. You can use any size doily you like. If you are using a smaller doily you can use a muffin tin and it will come out with a fluted edge like the one I made. If you are using a larger doily use a bowl.
To begin make sure your surface is protected and completely saturate your doily with fabric stiffener. Spray your mold/bowl with non stick spray and lay your doily over it. Make sure it's smooth . Let the doily dry overnight. Remove the doily gently from the mold/bowl and sprinkle it liberally with spices; shake off excess. Cut a piece of rusty wire for the handle and embellish the basket as you please.

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