Saturday, March 29, 2008

Daddy's 60th Birthday

We had the joy of celebrating daddy's 60th birthday today! We had so much fun; we grilled out at mom and dad's and had lots of yummy food. Pork chops, bacon, polish sausage, fried corn, fried taters, shuck beans and cornbread. As well as a cheesecake and the chocolate cake I fixed yesterday. We sure ate good :) It's hard to believe my daddy is 60; seems like just yesterday he was only 50. Time sure flys by! My daddy is and will always be my hero. In my eyes there is nothing he can't do or doesn't know. He is a mechanic, carpenter and does concrete work and in past years did logging and ran a sawmill. He has been self employed and worked hard all his life supporting us four girls and mom. Dad is always working on something; lots of days he comes home from working to garden or can food for the winter. He is rarely ever idle and strives for perfection in everything. We often disagree when he is making furniture for me, he wants it to look new and I want it to look old! I tell him "Daddy it's supposed to be primitive!" and he just rolls his eyes! Lol that's Dad for you! Hope you guys enjoyed the pics of the view from mom and dad's. In one photo you can see the old house daddy grew up in which has fallen down.


Andi said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! I'm just a couple of years behind him and it seems like I just turned 50 too!

I love that he's your hero! We girls always love our Daddys. I felt the same way about mine.

Homespun Heart Primitives said...

Oh how sweet Jill. Happy Birthday to your Daddy with many more to come!