Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day

Did you guys have a lovely Valentine's Day? I sure hope you did! I recieved this super cute monkey that whistles and a card and candy. I also purchased for myself this wonderful remake of the Betty Crocker Cookbook from the 50's. It is awesome and has some fab recipes and tells how to do everything from measuring to broiling to steaming. There are some recipes I am dying to try when I find the time. This cookbook was a culinary bible to many housewives in the 50's and now I see why. What a great gift for a new bride!
Did any of you guys actually stick to your New Year's Resolutions? Lol, I didn't even start. Mine were to go on a diet (hasn't happened as of yet) and the other was to declutter our office slash junk room. I have made minimal progress; I went through the closet and put together bags of clothing to take to Goodwill. Problem is I haven't actually taken the bags yet. I also went through our papers and reciepts and threw a bunch of stuff away. Probably stuff I shouldn't have. I hate clutter and I so enjoy throwing things away. Lol, and the hubs go's balistic because he feels we should keep everything even if it doesn't work! Go figure.
I am so itching to redecorate and spring clean. I am actually excited about it this year because I have so many ideas. And I have committed a carnal decorating sin..............I have no curtains in our bedroom! I took my old ones down months ago and have never made more! Tisk Tisk I do have lots to do.

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