Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cold Wintry Day

We got hit last night with some more snow! We got about 2 inches and are expecting a little more today. I know everyone is sick to death of snow but I still think it's beautiful! Speckles and Odee were having a blast in it while their grumpy big sister was taking it easy inside where it is nice and toasty. We had a little scare though as our electric went off for a few min. And I was like oh no! Bad day for this to happen. Since we heat with an electric furnace we keep a kerosene heater for emergency use; but it was empty! Any way thank heavens the electric stayed on!
I made one last snowman for the season; his name is Flake and he was made using a Venna's Mercantile pattern. I loved the way he turned out and he was so easy! I will be listing him on the website tonight along with a vintage baby dress.
Hope you are all warm and toasty!

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