Sunday, February 10, 2008

Easter Box Tutorial

Supplies you will need:
Paper Mache Boxes
Printed out Easter postcard images fit to size of your boxes
Mod Podge
Instant Age Varnish
Burnt Umber Paint
Sky Blue Paint
Cardboard to protect surface
Paper towels
lol OJ to fight the FLU (just kidding)
Ok for starters these are so simple to make! You can use this techinque for any seasonal or non seasonal box. I do the same thing just using primitive colors and no images at all. I got my Easter graphics from a wondeful graphic cd called Holiday Gatherings. I purchased it from Hazel Ruthe. Ladies if you have nice lovely manicures please put on some gloves because this could get messy. I used a pop carton box opened up to protect my tabel. I began by painting all the insides of my boxes and lids with burnt umber paint. Next use the sky blue on the outside. Making sure you dry brush it on in a cross hatch motion. Leave lots of unpainted spaces; this looks nice after the antique process. Let these dry completely. Now moving on to the antique process. You will need two paper towels one damp and one dry. Working fast brush on your burnt umber paint over the sky blue; take your damp paper towel and rub it all in. Fisnish by using the dry paper towel. Repeat for all boxes and lids. Now you will need to cut out your images to size on your box. Brush the back with Mod Podge and center on your box front. Allow these to dry completely. The last and final step is to apply a instant age varnish to all the boxes including the glued on images. Whaaaalahhhhh you have a set of Easter Boxes! Now clean up your mess and wash out those brushes :) Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


Genny said...

Loved the tuitorial THANKS!

Hi! said...

Many thanks for the instructions and inspiration..these are really lovely! Cindy