Sunday, October 21, 2007

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Fall is here in Kentucky! The trees are stunning this year! Looks like the drought didn't affect the turning of the leaves. I had a chance to bake some pumpkin bread; I look forward to making this bread every year. It's soooooooo moist and tasty, more like a cake consistency than bread.
The weather here is turning cool and it makes it so inspiring to work and create things. Here is a new pumpkin I made with a real dried stem.


Andi said...

Love the pumpkin and your bread looks yummy! Will you share the recipe?

Hope you photographed those changed leaves to share on your blog.

Have a wonderful Monday.

Jill said...

I sure will share the recipe! I will post it this evening! I am going on a hike this weekend and taking my camera along for plenty photos! Blessings,