Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Man's Second Best Friend

For the longest time I have wanted a goat. I have admired them on blogs, neigbors farms and magazines. Then I got to hankering to make goat's milk soap. A neighbor gave me this wonderful Nubian cross goat named Licorice. She is a delight! I never knew a goat could be such a loving companion. Licorice is so clever and nosy. I plan on getting her a companion soon.
I enjoyed the weekend and had three days off. We grilled out and celebrated my mom's 60th birthday.
I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday.


Busym1 said...

How cute! We went to a farm for a field trip today with Kindergarten, and they had a bunch of goats and a bunch of baby goats! They were so entertaining! I wanted to pick up one of the babies so bad! Congrads on your new friend! Michelle

Merrie. said...

I love your goat Jill; I hope Kissy is doing well; I just love those sweet Bostons!!!