Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Bee Finale

Here are the photos from the bee finale. After the flooding went down I took the bees to the new homestead. Unfortunately I was at work when the bees got put in the box. However my sister took these photos. The bees are now in their box and working away. My daddy is their beekeeper. He loves to sit and watch them in the morning. They sure are fascinating little creatures and best of all no one got stung! Now all we have to do is wait for the sweet honey we will be able to collect next year.
The new job is going well, I have been there two weeks and have adjusted to the early morning schedule. Lol, I don't feel as zapped in the evening as I did when I first started. We have the bedroom and bathroom almost done in the house and will be moving on to getting water. We will be installing an old fashioned off the grid water source called a Cistern. If you are not familiar with this it's pretty simple. Rain water runs from the house gutters underground and into a water tank. It's runs through a filter so everything is nice and clean. I hope to eventually drill a well (I can't get city water where I am building) but for now this will be my water source. I will be taking photos this week of all the house progress. Blessings, Jill


Busym1 said...

Glad the job is getting better for you! Also glad you got the bees moved where you want them. My mother grew up with a cisterine system for water and it worked out quite well. Take care Jill! hugs, michelle

Primitive House said...

Hey Jill~~
Glad to see that you got your bee's settled and at there new home! Congrats on your job! Sounds like things are coming together for you and our hubby! Can't wait to see photos of the house!!

Keep me posted!!
Many Blessings and Love.......

Crystal said...

This is wonderful! :)