Thursday, November 1, 2007


Front Porch Decor

Hubby in his Afro Wig!

My Mother in Law the "Witch"

Micheal Myers

Hope all of you had a Happy Halloween! We sure had a blast! Me and the hubby opened a country grocery store this year in April. We all dressed up last night and sat on the porch giving candy to the trick or treaters. The cutest was a little baby dressed as Eore from Winnie the pooh............I didn't have a chance to get a pic of him as we had so many! I did get a pic of the scariest in a Micheal Myers costume. We ended up having about 160 kids! Lol, I think we had more fun than the kids................all the kids were scared to death of my MIL; they didn't even want to come up on the porch!

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Andi said...

Jill, your Halloween sounds great! Love your hubby's Afro wig and your MIL the Witch!!!