Saturday, November 10, 2007

2 Peas in a Pod

Look at the photo I took of Daisy and Odee! They look like 2 peas in a pod. I did some decorating in the workshop last night and I took a few photos of what I did. I put on my Christmas music and it really got me in the mood! Look at my faux fireplace :) I also hung some old clothes on the mantle like they are drying by the fire. I decided to go for a natural theme. All the tree has on it besides the lights is strung cranberries and dried sweet potatoes. The mantel is done in fresh pine greenery and a few dried oranges tucked in here and there and my old pitchfork in the center. You can see a sneaky peeky at my new Santa for Simply Primitives too. I also used one of my prized possessions to decorate with. It's an old red sap bucket from Maine filled with greens. Hope this gets you guys in the mood too


Andi said...

Daisy and Odee are so cute!!! I just love that little Odee! Looks so much like my Bully!

Love your looks wonderful. What a nice place to be creative.

I want to see your "2 seater" potting shed!

Susie Q said...

I adore your work shop! I love this look so much!

Your fur sweeties are so cute!!

I agree with Andi! Love to see that shed!

I think I may not have told you how much Bill LOVED his Kipper doll!!! It sits on his desk at work and gets loads of comments!
The kip ornie is here at home, peeking out of an old bow in th elitchen. The rabbit one is in the powder room and peeks from the extra towel basket! People love them! *I* love them!