Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Update

Greetings my blog friends, I hope this post finds you all well. Tucked in somewhere in your homes across the country nice and snug and warm. Time has yet again got away from me. I so miss the days when I could stay home and craft all day till my fingers bleed (lol and I mean this literally). But God had different plans for me and blessed me with a full time job to provide for myself. So alas this limits my time these days, what time I do have is spent working on orders and with the new special someone in my life ;)
For those of my dear customers wishing to place orders for the holidays please do so before December 15th so we can get everything there safely for Christmas. I have been receiving several calls about PET DOLLS, and YES I am still taking orders on them up until the 15th. The above doll I just completed for a customer was a Sphinx Kitty. I will also be updating the website this weekend............not much too do here in eastern Ky besides sew and eat as we are snowed in :) Which is a state of being which I LOVE to be in Lol, but at any rate please stay tuned to my blog this week for new offering and such. May God Bless and keep you All,

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