Monday, March 1, 2010

This and That


Island Front

Island Back

Kitchen Table
The weather here in Kentucky is still cold and wintry. We are expecting a warm up soon :) Things have been busy here as usual. The basket I made at our home makers meeting. It was my first attempt at a basket. Lol, it turned out a little mis-shapen but pretty good for a first try. The strawberries are for a wholesale order..........I love making them. My daddy has been busy making my furniture. He made my kitchen island and made me a harvest table. I loved how they turned out. He is working on my kitchen cabinets now. I am blessed to have a daddy whom is so talented.
Hope you all had a blessed Monday!


Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

You are blessed...what a beautiful kitchen! Glad your doing well. We are still cold and wintry here in PA also. I'm counting the days until spring. Have a lovely week! Jenn

Busym1 said...

Your kitchen is wonderful! I am in love! Wintry is right in Pa. we still have about 2 ft. snow on ground, but it will be going down this weekend. Love your strawberries! Nice to see u, hugs michelle

Tammy said...

Hey Jill! Its been such a long time since I have visited. Things are coming along great. Love the furniture Daddy's doing a great job. The house is looking wonderful.

Winter has been cold here too, I will be so glad when Spring finally comes. Prim hugs and blessings, Tammy

Cheyenne said...

OH! I just love your kitchen! Your table is so nice!

Boufous Aziz. said...

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Good kitchen !bravo !