Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Morning Blues

What do you do when it's cold and dreary out? Take a nap of coarse! My doggies have sleep all day while I have went to and fro through the house sewing, cleaning, painting, and stuffing. Lol, I usually have ten different things going on at once. My mom has a picture of me when I was young, I had fell asleep in the floor with about 20 story books scattered around me. That is me to a tee, I can never be satisfied with one task at a time. I love to multi task. Hope you are having a productive day :)
Kissy (lol I have no idea why her eye looks deformed in this pic, it's really not)

And last but not least Daisy!


Sandy said...

Now don't they look comfy :)
Same temperatures here and my little baby girl is doing the same.
Should join her but so much to do.
Have a great day!

Pam said...

You must have the blues ~ it's Tuesday, not Monday, at least I think it is, LOL. You sound like me, too many things going on at once but I love it that way. Love those pics of your lazy little friends.

Margo said...

Ijust love your Boston's.....my favorite doggies!

Busym1 said...

Cold and snowy here too. I always have way to much going. Right now, I have 3 projects going and cookies ready to go in the oven. Your doggines are adorable!

Terry said...

Awwwwwww...they look so sweet! My Olive O hates cold, windy weather, and she sleeps a lot too.
I got tickled with your multi-tasking statement. I'm the same way.
I'm not happy unless I am.
Hope it warms up soon!

Andi said...

Oh what sweet babies...my little Bully would love playing with them!

It's actually chilly here in Florida today and will be tomorrow as well but then a warm up is coming. That's probably the last of it before next November or December.

Primitive House said...

Hey Jill~~
Just dropped in to say HI hope that you had a good Easter! I noticed that you have my old blog name on your roll! The new one is
Thanks and talk soon.....