Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Working Away & "The Man's Birthday"

The weather man said just the right words this morning that I wanted to hear; "cold front" and "rain". Sounds good to me Mr. Weatherman! It was already cooler here today with some sprinkles of rain. As you can I am working away and have been super busy. Gingerbread Men have invaded my kitchen; looks like hubby won't get anything for supper. Lol, just kidding we will have a simple meal of probably hamburger and fries or tacos. Today is Odee's 4th birthday! Wow it's hard to believe my little boy is 4; his nickname is "the man". He is such a little goof ball he has brought so much joy to our family. I hope you all had a productive day. Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog; I sure do appreciate it!
The Gingerbread Man Invasion
Tobacco hanging to dry from the workshop beams
"The Man" saying "hey, it's my birthday and I will stay out here if I want to!"


basketsnprims said...

Happy Birthday to "The Man". He's so cute! Your ginger guys are darling, I bet your house smells good.


Raggedy Angel said...

Happy Birthday Man!
Love your Gingers!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

OHHHH tobacco leaves hanging. I haven't been able to find any here. Never thought of that.

Gingerbread men are taking over... how many did you make??? Were you lonely??? LOL

Happy Birthday to your dog!!! Did you give him a special treat???


Leslie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Odee! My baby, Ruger, will be two on Friday! It seems like just yesterday he was that teeny, tiny little thing that we brought home.

The gingerbread men look great and I bet they smell yummy, too,

Have a great day!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I found tobacco leaves at the fleamarket years ago and hung a bunch from a peg rack but from moving so much they didn't last.
Love the smell of gingerbread.

Merrie. said...

Hey Odee!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! From all your bully-dog friends here in Michigan! We hope you had a very nice birthday! Did you get a cake? Our mom gets us cupcakes and puts a number candle on it for us; we get to eat out of our Party Pooch birthday bowl and we all get presents! We think Boston Terriers Rock!!! Love from Niles,Murphy,Zoey and Bitsy and their mom Merrie