Friday, December 28, 2007

Stuffed Dog Massacre

I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas! This was the hilarious chain of events that happened at our house Christmas Eve night. I purchased this sweet $10 stuffed dog toy that sang and danced. I thought at the time I purchased it that it would at least last 2 days. WRONG! As you can see from the photos Odee was waiting patiently to see what Santa brought him; Daisy on the other hand not so patient. Daisy went straight for the jugular and fiberfill burst out everywhere. Odee finished him off scattering fiberfill everywhere. All that is left of the stuffed dog is a empty decapitated body. The other gift was obliterated so fast I couldn't even take a photo. The treats in their stocking is all that remains of Christmas!


Andi said...

Bully received a cute little Santa that made noise. Santa ended up looking just like Daisy and Odee's toys!!! Bully had fun...I just picked up all the fiberfill and tossed it away.

Merry Christmas!

Andi said...

Hey Jill, I took my blog private but wanted you to be able to access it. I need to send you an invitation but didn't seem to still have your email. If you can email me at with it I will send an invite your way.