Friday, December 21, 2007

Appetizer Recipes

These recipes are sooooooo yummy and crowd pleasers. So yummy in fact I had none left from our holiday church party to photograph. But trust me they are simple and delish.

Lil' Smokie Bites

2 pkgs of little smokies

2 pkgs bacon (thin sliced works best)

2 c. brown sugar

Note this is the original recipe doubled so if you don't need this many half it.

Begin by cutting your bacon into thirds. I cut the whole package at one time. You should end up with three piles of short pieces of bacon. Wrap a piece of bacon around each lil smokie and place a toothpick through it. It's best to use a deep cookie sheet or jelly roll pan to bake these in. Now take your brown sugar and sprinkle it all over the lil smokies. Bake about 1 hour at 350 or until the bacon is done. Serve warm or reheat for a few minutes in the oven. Enjoy!

Cream Cheese Bacon Roll Ups

2 cans of crescent rolls

1 t. seasoning salt

8-10 slices of bacon

1 pkg. cream cheese softened

Begin by frying your bacon until its nice and crispy; chop it and add to your softened cream cheese. Add the t. of seasoning salt and set aside. To prepare your crescent rolls. Open one can pressing all the seams together. Ending up with a long rectangle. Spread half of cream cheese mixture all over the dough. Roll up jelly roll style and wrap in wax paper. Refrigerate for about 10 min. Repeat with other can of rolls. Remove from fridge; using a serrated knife slice dough about 3/4" thick and place on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for about 10-12 min or until they are golden brown. These are good served warm or room temp. Enjoy!



Terri said...

Those sound yummy Angie! I am gonna try those for my Christmas brunch. Mmmmm!!!

Terri said...

Duh!!! Have no idea why I just called you Angie. I am losin it! OR maybe I have already lost it.

Jill said...

Lol! Don't worry I barely know my own name right now!!!

Andi said...

Thanks for sharing your great recipes Jill. The little smokies work great in a crock pot too. You can even use all beef hot dogs and cut them into 4 pieces. Just put all your little toothpick skewered, bacon wrapped smokies/hot dog into a crock put and cover with a box of light brown sugar. Turn on low and let simmer away.

Have a Merry Christmas!